Fruit Minced Shortbread in Cafe Culture eNews

Released just in time for Christmas orders to start coming in, our Fruit Minced Shortbread looks like shortbread, but tastes and smells like a delicious fruit mince pie. Once your customers taste these unique new cookies, we think we’ll have to take it off the seasonal menu and make it a year round favourite!

Featured in the latest edition of Cafe Culture eNews, Mamma Marilena’s Fruit Minced Shortbread is available to distributors now.

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National Retailer showcasing new range

Check out our promotion in the latest National Retailer magazine, highlighting our new “in-development” range of savoury shortbread!

If you want to hear more about this unique product range, give us a call on 1300 645 665.


Mamma Marilena cook up a storm at Fine Food Sydney

The only thing better than cookies, are cookies fresh from the oven and that is exactly what visitors of the Find Food Expo in Sydney enjoyed!

Over the four days, the Mamma Marilena team baked over 1,000 of our shortbreads that didn’t last long out of the oven. We also sampled and talked about the rest of the Mamma Marilena range including our savoury biscuits, nut and fruit combinations and the gourmet café series of cookies. But of course, our display wouldn’t have been complete without our signature nutbreads which were a hit among all our visitors.

Fine Food Australia holds special memories for Mamma Marilena as we won our first award of the Best New Bakery Product at the 2009 Fine Food Expo.  Fast forward to now, and the team were thrilled to represent the brand with a fresh new look and innovative new products at the 2015 event.

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing some new and exciting product lines – so stay tuned!


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Mamma Marilena supports flood effect supplier Trumps Nuts in Rocklea

Bikkies With Heart
One of the nicer stories I heard come out of the Queensland floods was from a little company I’ve covered in the past called Mamma Marilena. They manufacture a boutique range of biscuits and nut-breads that have expanded since I discovered them at a trade show just over a year ago. Whilst their own Queensland factory survived the deluge quite well, one of their main suppliers – Trumps Nuts in Rocklea – was totally submerged. Instead of scrambling to find a new supplier, Tony Sangster and the team at Mamma Marilena simply told the customers who buy their made-to-order products that they’d take a little longer this month. Tony’s kind rationale was: “The worst thing that could happen is that people desert them at this time.”

The nut-breads that first captured my cheese-focused interest now come in an even more popular range of fruit and nut flavours, like Macadamia and Mango or Pistachio and Cranberry. Dinner party devotees may also enjoy their handmade Meringue Shells, which leave the supermarket versions for dead! You’ll find them at the Bondi Road Fruitologist or in Rozelle at The Essential Ingredient.

Mamma Marilena’s Coffee Shop Range

The new Cafe Series Range from Mamma Marilena is a must have for all coffee shops, food service and food retail outlets.

Products are all individually wrapped for convenience.

The Cafe Series range of biscuits includes

Macadamia & Apricot (65g)
Choc Cherry Cookie (85g)
Viennese Biscuit (55g)
Choc Rainbow Cookie (65g)
Florentine (70g)
Choc Mint Cookie (85g)
Mocha (50g)
Choc Cherry Cookie (85g)
Vanilla Rainbow Cookie (65g)
Triple Choc Cookie (70g)
60 individually wrapped biscuits or cookies to a carton. Contact Mamma Marilena for a price today!